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Blynk Marketing private limited, C-103, C-wing, Kailas business park, Vikhroli(W), Mumbai, 400079

Blynk Marketing private limited, C-103, C-wing, Kailas business park, Vikhroli(W), Mumbai, 400079

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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Live Independently Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket!

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Moving out finally? All those plans of living on your terms, whilst trying to be a responsible adult, but
also wanting to chill, while keeping the budget in check - will finally come true. Seems far-fetched?
Naah, you will be fine.
Perks involve sleeping diagonally across your bed, dancing to Drake in your shorts or eating directly
from the ice cream tub without any judgment. We are sure you can list some more.
On a somber note, living alone helps us to return to our creative selves as living alone gives us the
time and freedom to explore and work on our passions, which further aids to create inner balance.
However, there are some challenges too. Finance being the number one, you will need to be smart
so you can manage your hard-earned money better.
Here are some tips on how to stay frugal when you live alone:

1. Discounts, bargains and deals
This holy trinity will lead thy to spend responsibly. It will tempt you to safeguard the savings you've
earmarked for other goals. Be it grocery shopping or buying furniture; always look out for discounts,
deals and bargains to save money.
2. Host a movie night or house party
We all know a night of clubbing can be detrimental to your money. If you want to hang out with your
friends, but are trying to save money - avoid going out and spending money on food or drinks.
Instead, host a stay-in or sleepover with friends to catch up in an informal setting, which is always
super fun!
3. The formula for success
It is always Salary – Savings = Expenses and not the other way around! Once an entire chunk of
savings is kept aside, you will learn to make do with what is in your hand.
4. Refurbish
If you love experimenting with new technology in mobile phones – buying refurbished phones is just
the right deal for you. They let you enjoy all the perks of owning a flagship phone without feeling the
pinch. And if you are stuck between, “I need to save money” and “You live only once” – then blynk is
your buddy!
blynk believes that a phone can last long if it is in an optimally performing condition and the outer
cosmetic flaws are taken care of. So, we go on a great voyage to acquire the bestest of unboxed
mobile phones. These lovelies undergo 18-point checks that meet the same functional standards as
a brand-new smartphone. We give a 6-month warranty period, a prompt after-sales service, a
helpline that is yet to ring (trust us, we are waiting!) and take away the guilt of contributing to the
world’s electronic waste. Refurbished products save you a hell lot of money without compromising
on quality. Guess what we give options too! Choose from #LikeNew that has the look, feel and
functioning of a brand new phone and #GentlyUsed that might have small marks that will in no way
alter its working!

Flaunting a new phone now can be smart! Visit to buy refurbished cell phones at the
best market price!

Buying Phones with Blynk

Blynk is the new, smarter way to own a top-notch phone at a surprisingly affordable price. Each used mobile phone that we procure completes a rigorous 18-step refurbishment process, including full testing that meets the same functional standards as a brand-new smartphone. The refurbished smartphones we provide are free from material and workmanship defects, under normal use and service, and come with a warranty period of 6 moths. If anything goes wrong with your unboxed mobile, you can reach out to us through our helpline or website. Even after the warranty period we have a dedicated after-sales service for your refurbished mobile, while you may also extend the warranty at a nominal price. Within the warranty period, we also offer to pick-up and drop-off your blynk-certified refurbished phones from your house at no extra cost. By choosing blynk you also save the nature by not contributing to the world’s electronic waste accumulation. Even though there might be numerous platforms to buy refurbished mobiles, with blynk, you experience a whole new level of shopping, as you get to choose from the best brands around the world like Apple iPhones, Google, Samsung, One Plus, Vivo, etc. among many others.

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