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Blynk Marketing private limited,
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Vikhroli, Mumbai, 400079

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Do These 5 Things And Your Battery Health Will Last Longer

Do These 5 Things And Your Battery Health Will Last Longer


A smartphone's battery is one of its most important components as it's a key factor when choosing a new phone. As with most batteries, a smartphone's battery health reduces the more it gives life to your smartphone.

Yes, total battery health deterioration is inevitable at some point in a phone's life cycle. It's especially painful/frustrating if said phone is too dear to you to change it or a new phone just isn't in your budget. 

Here are five tips on how to get your phone's battery health to last longer.

  • Charge Cycles


Your phone's battery degrades slightly with every charge cycle. A charge cycle is a full charge and discharge of a phone's battery from 0% to 100%. As stated earlier, your phone's battery health degrades with every charge cycle, even partial charges.  Partial charges count as a fraction of a charge cycle. For example, if you charge your phone from 0% to 50% that counts as half of a charge cycle, your phone dies and you charge it from 0% to 50% again. That's now a complete charge cycle. 

According to manufacturers, a battery will degrade to 80% of its original capacity after 200-300 charge cycles.

To increase your phone's battery lifespan and keep it healthy for a longer time, you have to reduce the number of its charge cycles. 

  •     Use Original/Certified Chargers and Cables

    Not all charges are the same, and some could end up damaging your phone's battery. Certified chargers have a whole bunch of safety settings that control current, stop charging when your device is full, etc. Uncertified/unbranded chargers might not have these settings.

    They could end up delivering too much current into your phone's battery thereby, damaging and degrading it faster. 

    • Limit How Much You Use Fast Charging


    Fast charging really stresses a phone's battery. Add that to the heat fast charging causes, it's a really bad combination. The slower your battery charges, the better.

    To prolong your phone's battery lifespan, Limit how much you use fast charging and reserve it for when you actually need your phone to charge quickly, not when you are at home the whole day and not really using your device. 

    • Avoid Draining and Charging Your Phone Completely

    The idea of draining your phone completely and charging completely to prolong its life span was borne from older phones with older rechargeable battery technology that had "battery memory"

    This doesn't apply to newer phones with better battery technology. In fact, When your phone is 0% and when it's 100% is the most stressful and damaging percentage for your battery. A perfect 50% is the sweet spot for your battery.

    • Use Apps

    There are several apps that can help you prolong your battery's lifespan. These apps do not directly interfere with your phone's battery.


    All most do is give you information on the state of your battery and give you advice on how best to extend its lifespan with features that help you follow the app's advice.

    An app I'd recommend for this is the AccuBattery app.


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