1 year warranty | No Cost EMI/COD available*. 1 year warranty | No Cost EMI/COD available*.
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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Blynk Marketing private limited,
C-103, C-wing, Kailas business park,
Vikhroli, Mumbai, 400079

Blynk Marketing private limited,
C-103, C-wing, Kailas business park,
Vikhroli, Mumbai, 400079

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


1. Is my phone genuine? How else can it be so cheap?

Well we never said it was brand new. Of course it is ‘pre-loved’. So, its genuinely affordable. But then again, it is refurbished through a very thorough and strict process. So, they might have a few cosmetic imperfections, but they perform optimally. We procure only genuine branded phones, and verify their authenticity against our proprietary software to ensure there are no cheap knock-offs

2. Then it must be surely stolen.

Well that would get us into trouble too, you know. And we love ACs. So, we try and keep away from prison cells. That’s why we check the IMEI registration against any FIRs or missing complaints to our ability. And just in case you have a doubt, you can reach out to us on 1800123112288, assist@buyblynk.com or view our website http://buyblynk.com/ .

3. Ok, so I can live with a scratch. But what is the guarantee of the phone’s performance?

You know we are kinda picky while sourcing. And very prompt to reject. We only accept phones which have zero software and Functional defects. You will only see minimal wear and tear on the product from the outside. Phones with camera/hardware defects, etc are rejected by us at the procurement level itself. And after that, we touch only the external parts and after that, we perform an 18 point check to check for any software or hardware defects. So, unless you are plain unlucky, you will get a kickass blynk phone.

4. What if the damn phone stops working?

Who can fight fate? Like we procured a damn good phone and checked it in 18 different ways. But, the Saturn in your horoscope is now seeking attention, so your phone just conks off. But you won’t have to pay for the phone to be in working condition again. We have a six month warranty in place to help you. All you need to do is reach out to us with the issue and our representative will come over to pick your phone up for repairs. And, if we can’t fix the issue in 14 days, we give you a blynk certified refurbished phone with the same make/model or a similar one at no cost to you. And this includes the battery.

And if you have any more questions you can visit www.buyblynk.com. We are always listening.

5. What does not get covered in the warranty?

Blynk’s warranty does not cover:

  1. Damage caused by wear and tear, misuse, abuse, rough handling or accidents
  2. Corrosion, rusting or stains
  3. Liquid damage
  4. If any part or parts of the unit are replaced with those not supplied or approved by Blynk Marketing Private Limited
  5. Repair or attempted repair by any party other than a blynk authorised technician
  6. Disasters such as floods, fires, winds, earthquakes or lightning
  7. Damage due to foreign material
  8. Damage due to exposure to moisture, dampness or extreme thermal environment conditions
  9. Infestation by insects or vermin
  10. Any other physical/external damage not mentioned above
  11. Alien abductions
  12. Holding the phone while being disintegrated by Thanos

6. How do I track the delivery of my phone?

A tracking ID will be shared with you on order confirmation via God’s curse to working class – Email

7. Can I reschedule the delivery/pick up date and time of my phone?

Broke up with girlfriend A so want to gift it to girlfriend B? No problem. Simply call us on1800 123112288 and we will do the needful. Unless she lives in North Korea, which is an unserviceable pin code.

8.Will I get all original phone accessories with the refurbished phone?

You know a dang good USB charger or headphone does not cost a bomb. But when you add a logo, you have to pay the salary of the CEO of the mobile phone company. So, we decided to get you compatible good quality accessories. Checked and certified by us. Without adding the price of the CEOs ticket to Bahamas.

9. I already gave my phone for repair earlier? Now I’m again facing issues, can I give my phone again for repairs?

Call us on our helpline or email us, and we will do the needful. For out of warranty phone we offer repairs which will be chargeable. We also recommend praying a bit more, to keep off the evil eye.

10. I got my phone repaired under my 6 month warranty period. Does the replaced phone have another 6 months of warranty?

No. There is no Warrantyception by Christopher Nolan. Your warranty will be 6 months from the original purchase date for the replaced piece.

11. Will I face problems selling the phone again?

Unless you used it like a coffee coaster, it should be fine. There are no issues reselling your phone, since you are now the legal owner. Sell it. Buy another blynk.

12. What comes in a Blynk certified refurbished phone box?

Each box comes with your Blynk certified refurbished phone, high quality compatible charger and cable along with booklets for information on your device and its warranty. And a feeling of awesomeness.


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