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Blynk Marketing private limited, C-103, C-wing, Kailas business park, Vikhroli(W), Mumbai, 400079

Blynk Marketing private limited, C-103, C-wing, Kailas business park, Vikhroli(W), Mumbai, 400079

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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Why is Refurbished Better?

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This question is just like answering another rhetorical question - why is smart better? To which the response
will always be – duh!
The market is booming with gazillion products, enough to confuse you! The trepidation to buy the best quality
product, whilst keeping the budget in check is real. Keeping up with the latest trends in smartphones, laptops,
tablets, cameras and TVs can be a very expensive affair. Here’s when the concept of refurbishment slides in.
Refurbished phones are top-notch phones at a surprisingly affordable price. At blynk, we only opt for the best.
We procure the finest quality and condition unboxed phones and pass them through an 18 point quality check.
We ensure that they work perfectly as they undergo diagnostic testing and any essential repairs are
completed. There you go, “good as new and smart as a whip!”
Why Refurbished Is Better Than New?

Here are some benefits of using refurbished smartphones:
#SaveEmBucks: blynk refurbished mobile phones are significantly cheaper than their new counterparts. So
keep calm and save money!
#AlmostGoodAsNew: You could be getting an unboxed mobile phone that has been returned unused or from a
cancelled order. Because of that, it can’t be resold as a new product. But for all intents and purposes, it’s new.
blynk refurbished mobile phones have undergone stricter testing than devices right off the production line.
They are certified by technicians so that they function as good as a new one.
#GuaranteeFromWarranty: As blynk thoroughly checks and repairs the phones they sell, they provide a good
6-month warranty. The warranty also covers the compatible charger that is included together with the
product. blynk offers a 14 days repair or replacement guarantee. Perks, perks and more perks!
#GreenIsGood: Buying refurbished products is good for the environment because tons of electronic waste is
reduced. A new customer can put the product to use, rather than having a fully functional item sent to a
landfill. Instead of dumping mobile phones because of a minor dent or scratch, blynk gets them refurbished
and resell them. Good karma is with you, my child!
#Support: Buying a blynk refurbished mobile phone gives you access to the same support you would get
with a new product like helpline, dedicated after-sales service and replacement guarantee coz we have huge
hearts and would love to spoil you!
There are 2 kinds of people in the world!
The first type likes everything looking pretty and unblemished. Our #LikeNew devices are perfect for them as
these give the look and feel of a brand new device with the functioning of an unused mobile phone.
The other kind doesn’t mind the small marks, discoloration or dents. Our #GentlyUsed devices are just the
right pick for them as they have very minimal scratches but are 100% functional. See, we love everyone!
Visit to buy refurbished cell phones at the best market price!

Buying Phones with Blynk

Blynk is the new, smarter way to own a top-notch phone at a surprisingly affordable price. Each used mobile phone that we procure completes a rigorous 18-step refurbishment process, including full testing that meets the same functional standards as a brand-new smartphone. The refurbished smartphones we provide are free from material and workmanship defects, under normal use and service, and come with a warranty period of 6 moths. If anything goes wrong with your unboxed mobile, you can reach out to us through our helpline or website. Even after the warranty period we have a dedicated after-sales service for your refurbished mobile, while you may also extend the warranty at a nominal price. Within the warranty period, we also offer to pick-up and drop-off your blynk-certified refurbished phones from your house at no extra cost. By choosing blynk you also save the nature by not contributing to the world’s electronic waste accumulation. Even though there might be numerous platforms to buy refurbished mobiles, with blynk, you experience a whole new level of shopping, as you get to choose from the best brands around the world like Apple iPhones, Google, Samsung, One Plus, Vivo, etc. among many others.

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