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Blynk Marketing private limited,
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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Airdrop On iPhone Not Working? See How To Solve The Problem.

Airdrop On iPhone Not Working? See How To Solve The Problem.


One of the biggest appeals of the Apple ecosystem is the ability to seamlessly transfer files between devices. And that is made possible by Airdrop. 

 So when Airdrop doesn't work properly on your iPhone, it can disrupt the Apple experience. And makes file transfer a frustrating experience.   

So here are possible reasons your airdrop doesn't work and how to fix it.   

Why Your iPhone Airdrop Isn't Working And How To Fix It 

Device Compatibility 

AirDrop is only compatible with any iPhone that has iOS 7 or later. So if the receiving or sending iPhone doesn't have IOS 7 or later, then it doesn't support AirDrop. 

Check your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings. 

Airdrop relies on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work. It uses Bluetooth to locate nearby devices. And Wi-Fi to transfer the data.

So, if you’re having issues using Airdrop, the first thing you should check is your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.    

For Bluetooth

  •  Open the Settings app. 


  • Tap Bluetooth. 


  • Toggle on Bluetooth.  

 For Wi-Fi 

  • Navigate to the Settings app. 


  • Then open Wi-Fi


  • Press the Wi-Fi switch to turn it on.     

    Alternatively, you can turn airplane mode on and off. This makes all radio connections switch off and then on when you disable airplane mode. Use this method only if you are sure your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on.  

         Turn Off Your Personal Hotspot.

    When your hotspot is turned on, Airdrop cannot work. So make sure your hotspot is off before trying to use airdrop.  

    Turn off your hotspot by,

    • Open the Settings app.   


    • Go to cellular. 


    • Tap personal hotspot. 


    • Turn off Personal Hotspot by toggling off the Personal Hotspot button.   

      Check Airdrop Settings

    Sometimes the issue with your airdrop might be how it’s set. There are three Airdrop data sharing options. 

    The first one is "Receiving off". When your airdrop is set to receive off, you will only be able to send and not receive. 

    The second airdrop option is "Contacts Only." If your Airdrop is set to "Contacts Only," then only your contacts will be able to discover your iPhone.   

     The last option is "Everyone". When your iPhone is set to "Everyone", anyone with an iPhone around you will be able to discover your phone and can try to send files to you.   

    For Airdrop to work, both devices need to be discoverable. 

    To do this,

    • Open the Settings App. 


    • Press General 


    • Go to Airdrop


    • Make sure it’s set to Everyone or Contacts Only. 

    If you selected contacts only and you still have issues, try setting your airdrop to everyone. But remember to turn it off as soon as you're done.   

        Turn Off "Do Not Disturb." 

    Airdrop and Do Not Disturb can’t work at the same time. For Airdrop to work, the receiving device must not be set on Do Not Disturb. So, to use Airdrop, Do Not Disturb has to be switched off on the receiving device. Here’s how:   

    • Open the Settings app


    • Tap Do Not Disturb.


    • Toggle off "Do Not Disturb."     

      Check For Updates 

    Software can never be perfect. including IOS. That’s why updates are regularly pushed out. The cause of your airdrop issues might be rooted in IOS. And updating your iPhone to the latest software might be the solution to your problems. As the update may contain a fix to your airdrop issues.

    To Check for updates;

    • Plug in your iPhone and connect it to the internet using Wi-Fi.   


    • Open the Settings app.  


    • Tap General 


    • Now you'll see if an update is available. If there's available, press Install to install the update now. Tap install tonight for the update to be installed while you sleep.  

    Once the update has been installed, try using Airdrop again to see if the issue persists.

       Reset network settings 

    Resetting network settings erases or undoes every network setting on your iPhone. It also forgets every Wi-Fi you’ve ever connected to with your iPhone. So be sure to note down your Wi-Fi password before going ahead. 

    • Navigate to the Settings app.  


    • Go to General


    • Press the reset button.    


    • Then select the Reset Network Settings option.  

      Enter your phone password. Then, on the confirmation pop-up, tap on Reset Network Settings to confirm. 

      If after everything, your airdrop still doesn’t work. Then it’s time you contact Apple’s customer care or visit your nearest Apple store.   


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