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Blynk Marketing private limited,
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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Difference Between New vs Used vs Refurbished

Difference Between New vs Used vs Refurbished


Nowadays, the latest flagship phones cost around Rs 80,000 to Rs 120,000. This can be a hard pill to swallow if you are in the market for a new smartphone.

Buying a refurbished or used device is a great way to save money (and the environment).

But what exactly is the difference between new, used, and refurbished?

New versus Used versus Refurbished

It's safe to say that everyone knows what "new" and "used" means. Where the confusion generally comes is with words like refurbished. The term refurbished can mean different things. So here’s what you need to know about these categories. Especially, if you are in the market for a new smartphone.


New devices come straight from the OEM's hands to the store and then to you. They haven’t been used, come with the original in-box accessories, and have the manufacturer’s full warranty. 

New devices always cost more than their refurbished and used counterparts. And with the amount that top phones go for nowadays, it’s no wonder why refurbished and used are getting more popular.


As I said before, the term "refurbished" covers a range of meanings. It may mean phones that were returned shortly after being sold or used handsets that have gone through maintenance before being resold. 

Sometimes, dealers loosely use the term "maintenance". Which results in faulty phones being resold. But here at Blynk, we add hellish to our maintenance. Seriously, we try 18 times to find flaws in our devices. Just so we can fix it and get it to you in flawless condition.

Refurbished devices generally cost at least 15% less than new ones. 


Used devices go straight from the former owner's pocket to yours. Depending on the previous owner's usage, used cellphones can come with anything from light scratches and damage to heavy cosmetic damage and faulty parts. 

Buying used devices is the easiest way to save money on tech. But it’s also the riskiest. And you might end up spending more money to replace bad parts.

To get the best of both worlds (affordable and quality), buying refurbished from reputable retailers like Blynk is the way to go.

The Difference Between New vs. Used vs. Refurbished


When buying new or refurbished phones from a reputable seller, you are guaranteed to get a warranty.

Refurbished devices generally ship with a warranty period of around 3 months to one year.


Some vendors determine the warranty period depending on the Grade/condition of the refurbished mobile. Like new/Grade A refurbished devices usually have the highest warranty period, while Grade C/Good refurbished handsets receive the lowest.

Most times new devices ship with a longer warranty period than refurbished ones. Most come with at least one year warranty. 

The warranty on used phones is dependent on the seller. Some few come with a warranty, while most don’t.


You are guaranteed excellent condition with new devices. The same is true for refurbished phones purchased from a reputable vendor. 

Retailers use a 3-level grading system to sort refurbished phones according to the cosmetic condition of the phone. From Grade A (Excellent) to Grade C (Fair/Good). Depending on your choice, you can get a perfect or okay-looking phone.

The condition of a used device depends on the usage habits of the original owner. It is best to check thoroughly before buying.


There is no beating used devices when it comes to pricing. They are significantly cheaper than both new and refurbished phones. Some are up to 70% cheaper.

Refurbished phones fall on the affordable side too. Depending on where you buy from, you can get a good deal. New devices are the most expensive of the three categories. 


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