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Blynk Marketing private limited,
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Blynk Marketing private limited,
C-103, C-wing, Kailas business park,
Vikhroli, Mumbai, 400079

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

How to Ace Mobile Photography?
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How to Ace Mobile Photography?

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Gone are the days when you needed a fancy megapixel DSLR with STM or USM lens to click stunning pictures! All you need is to reach out to your pocket, pull out your mobile, plug in some mobile photography ideas and watch your photographic journey unfold. It doesn’t have to be a labour- intensive process because you will have to put in time and research in buying a camera, install
editing software on your desktop and invest some more time and energy into learning how to use them – not to mention, it is not very portative. It also doesn’t have to be an expensive affair as a DSLR camera is 70% expensive than a phone.

But, thanks to the smartphones and the editing apps that come with them, capturing memorable moments have become so simple. All you need is to master some tricks to ace mobile photography:
Tips for mobile photography:

1. Make use of the gridlines to balance the shot

Used especially for landscape, nature and wildlife photography, the gridlines in the frame let you
have a better balance in the composition of photos. Called as the rule of thirds, the 3x3 grid helps
you compose the image in three portions keeping the subject right in the middle of the frame (or
anywhere for that matter to make it interesting). You can play around with the other elements by
moving yourself to suit the frame.

2. Time the lighting
Light being the most important photographic element, the golden hour time of day is favoured by all
portrait and landscape photographers. The photos seem to glow, and everything in them is rimmed
with a halo of light. The golden hour is just after sunrise or just before sunset and its length depends
on what time of year it is, location and the weather conditions.

3. Zoom is a no-no
To capture more detail, it is natural that you want to get closer to your subject. Never zoom as your
picture may come out grainy, blurry or pixelated. Instead, try to get closer to the subject so that you
wont compromise on quality and don’t lose valuable resolution.

4. Editing maketh picture perfect
Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Pixlr, Snapseed, Mattebox, VSCO – there are plenty of photo editing apps
that can make good images better. You can improve details to make a subject look blemish-free,
retouch the photos, correct the colour or sharpen specific aspects of an image. Especially important
for online business or website, print or digital media, photos need post processing to increase their
online selling.

Now you might think that you will need the latest mobile phone in the market for new clicks. Correction! You can get the newest smartphones but without burning a hole in your pocket. All you
need is the perfect mobile for photography. blynk offers you a brand new collection of refurbished mobile phones that have great camera features for you to get your click on!

blynk is on a constant qui vive for the best quality unboxed mobile phones to procure them and pass them through a no-nonsense 18 point quality check (yes, we can be strict). We ensure that these phones work perfectly as they undergo rigorous testing and a comprehensive refurbishment process so that any essential repairs are completed. Functionality and quality are what blynk looks into during these checks coz we love to spoil our phones!

We offer two types of phones for you to choose from:
#LikeNew: With the look and feel of a brand new device, our #LikeNew phones function just like an
unused piece. They just might have a negligible mark, discoloration or dent that won’t affect its
working in any way.

#GentlyUsed: These devices have small scars that in no way will alter its functioning in any way. Our
procured phones are refurbished at the state-of-the-art facility so that the smallest of scratches or
dents are identified. Remember the 18 point quality check.
So, go check out refurbished cell phones at the best market price at blynk! 


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