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Blynk Marketing private limited,
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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Top 5 iPhone Tips And Tricks

Top 5 iPhone Tips And Tricks


Apple has been releasing iPhones for over 15 years now. So there are bound to be some handy tips and tricks that have gone unnoticed. 

So in this post, I’ll open your eyes to some incredibly useful tips, tricks, and features that you may not be aware your iPhone has.

Top 5 iPhone Tips and Tricks

Full Page Screenshot

If you hate being in a situation where you want to take screenshots of an entire page, but you have to scroll down and take multiple pictures to capture the full page. Then you'll love this trick. 

Instead of taking a screenshot and scrolling down to capture more. All you have to do is take one screenshot and select full page capture at the top of your iPhone to take a screenshot of the entire page in one go.

Save Webpages 

If you loved the full-page screenshot tip, then you’ll also love this one.

While on any webpage on safari, click the share icon. And then, under the Google button, you’ll see options. Press it, then select the pdf option. 

Doing this will allow you to save any webpage as a pdf file. And if you’re someone like me who prefers to store (and sometimes share) webpages offline a lot, you’ll instantly fall in love with this tip.

Swipe Copy and Paste

Swipe to copy and paste is another handy feature that comes with your iPhone out of the box.

Instead of pressing and holding to copy text, then holding the screen to choose where to paste the text. All you have to do is swipe in with three fingers to copy and swipe out with three fingers to paste. Pretty neat feature if you ask me. 

Recording Videos with Music Playing 

Picture this, you are jamming to your favorite song, and you whip out your iPhone to record a quick video of yourself for your social media. And as soon as you press the shoot button, the music stops. 

If you’ve been in a situation like that, it can be very annoying. Well, this tip will help you stop that.

Instead of opening up your camera app and trying to record a video. Swipe over to the photo section and hold down the capture button. And Immediately, your device will start recording a video without interrupting your music.

Guided Access   

Guided access is a pretty cool feature that everyone will find handy from time to time. Especially if you frequently hand your phone to others, perhaps to share a hilarious meme or tweet with them.

Guided access allows you to lock your phone to a single app and restrict app functionality.. With guided access, you can disable any area on your phone screen. Disabled areas won’t be accessible until you turn off guided access by entering your iPhone pin.

So the next time you hand over your phone to someone, you can turn on guided access, and the person will be restricted to whatever app/task you set.

To turn on guided access, open the Settings app, then tap on accessibility. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on guided access. Turn the toggle for guided access to ON.

On the guided access settings page, you can set a time limit and set a different passcode to turn off guided access. You can even toggle on the guided access shortcut that allows you to turn on guided access simply by tapping the lock button three times.


iPhones offer one of the best and the most intuitive experiences on a mobile device. And with knowledge of these tricks, you can make an already simple experience even simpler.


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