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Blynk Marketing private limited,
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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Top 5 Android Apps Of 2022

Top 5 Android Apps Of 2022


2022 is coming to an end in just a few days. So for this article, we're going to make a list of 5 awesome Android apps that made our 2022 better. And hopefully, they will help your 2023.

So here are our top 5 Android apps of 2022, in no particular order. 


Seal Video Downloader is a very cool app that allows you to easily download videos from the net with a few clicks. All you have to do is either copy and paste the link into the Seal app, or if the video has a share button, click it and select Seal app from the pop-up menu.

With the Seal app, you can download videos easily, including TikTok videos, Youtube shorts, Instagram reels, Twitter videos, YouTube videos, and a whole lot more. All with a single app. With Seal, you can also download a video's audio separately, embed subtitles, save a video thumbnail, change the format of the video, and so on.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t on the Play Store. So you’ll have to sideload it from here.

Auto Scroll

Second, on our list of the best Android apps for 2022 is Auto Scroll. It’s an app that helps you to scroll through videos on your phone automatically. By default, the app is set to auto-scroll every 25 seconds, but you can easily change that.

With this app, you can easily watch TikToks, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, Reddit videos, and YouTube shorts while your hands are full. The app also gives you a menu in which you can easily turn off Auto Scroll without leaving your video app. A simple app to solve an underrated problem.

Auto Scroll is a completely free to use app.

AntiStalker/Malloc Privacy & Security

It’s no secret that privacy is basically non-existent on smartphones, no matter what setting you turn on. Well, this AntiStalker Mobile Security app is excellent and somewhat restores some privacy to our Android phones.

This app can do basic things like scan your phone and check if it has any malware, root, or spyware. Then it can do advanced things like give you a detailed security report on its findings. It can also examine your phone's apps and tell you what kind of data trackers each app carries and sends. AntiStalker Mobile Security doesn't just stop there; it also helps you block the data trackers on your apps.

You can also set the app to scan your phone at set intervals, like every day or every week, and give you a report. You also get cool features like Permission Manager, which alerts you when you give apps privacy-critical permissions, and Mute Microphone, which mutes your microphone and stops apps from listening to your conversations.

Unfortunately, most of the awesome features of this app aren’t free. The monthly subscription fee is $4.5 per month. But you can get 75% off if you pay annually.

Quick Cursor

Tired of all the hand gymnastics involved with using big-screen phones? Then you’ll love this app. This app brings a simple solution to the problem of reachability on big phones that’s persisted for a long time now.

This app helps you reach the top of your smartphone by using a quick cursor at the top of your screen. To activate this cursor, all you have to do is swipe from the right side of your screen. So instead of stretching your hand all the way to the top of your screen to click that Instagram story, all you have to do is use the quick cursor. And yes, this app works well with the back gesture on your device.

Quick Cursor is a totally free app.

Last but not least on your list of the best apps of 2022 is

Adaptive Controls

This app takes in-app control to the next level. Adaptive controls give you the ability to change the settings for individual apps. For example, with adaptive controls, you can set your phone to maximize its volume when you open the Youtube app. And immediately after you close YouTube, your volume will revert to how it was before.

The app also comes with cool features. Privacy warning indicator: an indicator that warns you when an app accesses your mic or camera; access logs: a list of apps that have recently accessed your camera and mic; etc.

Adaptive Controls is a free app.




Need a reminder app that’ll put your tasks on your face? Then this app will do just that.

CalenTile turns your reminders into a custom  tile on your quick settings. So you’ll be instantly reminded about your tasks as soon as you drag down your quick settings panel. The downside is that this app doesn't make the list because it's a pay-to-download one. The app costs around 9 rupees on the Play Store.


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